Integrate Time Attendance System
into your Web Application with K-ADMS

K-ADMS is a web-based plug-in that
provides you an easy way to integrate
attendance into your software solution.

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Designed for developers

K-ADMS is a product built for developers as well as solutions for SMBs and large corporations for everyday integration into web based biometric time and attendance data master server.

  • Design Principle

    Our principle at K-ADMS is developers first with detailed plugin documentation, intuitive code examples and a clear-cut structure that will allow you to implement the solution in less than 10 minutes.

  • Integration

    K-ADMS supports time and attendance integration into your software be it for HRM, Educational portals and so on.

  • Cost Effectiveness

    K-ADMS provides you with a solution that comes with an affordable price.

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